Run as an individual, run as a team

Over the last year and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in two extraordinary events that have stretched me as an athlete.

The first was the Tri for Fun in Pleasanton, CA in August 2015- I joined a training team through the Berkeley YMCA, and prepped for 4 months with a group of 25-30 teammates for the event.  Our biweekly training sessions were never easy, and I was constantly amazed at the stamina and persistence shown by those twice my age.  I have fond memories of those Wednesdays and Saturdays, including one of riding up Tunnel Road (a constant incline), and my teammate telling me I wasn’t allowed to stop so as long as she was riding alongside me.

The second event was a few weeks ago- the Tuna Run 200, which went from Raleigh to Atlantic Beach, NC.  With a team of 8 other women, we ran nearly 200 miles, each of us taking different legs of the course and handing off a team bracelet at each interchange until it reached the coast.  The Tuna was teamwork at its finest.  For 33 hours, we yelled encouragements to our runner out the van window, drove alongside our runner in the dead of night, handed off lights and reflective vests, changed our clothes at least 3 times, slept in sleeping bags in the grass for an hour at a time, and took our turn running 2-10 mile legs of the course until we had reached the finish line.  By the end, I had done about 19 miles (another teammate of mine had done 26, the equivalent of a marathon).  It was an amazing adventure.

I have loved being a part of a team that is not just a bunch of 20-somethings.  I think we all have something different to offer, and we don’t feel the need to compete and be the best (and that’s coming from a competitive mind).  If there was anything that I’d recommend, it’s being a part of groups like this, and having so much fun, and impressing yourself with what you and others can do.

So, here comes the evidence that my teammates and I actually did this stuff.

Training for the Tri for Fun:



Race Day.









And now, for the Tuna…





Through fog, rain, and dark, we ran.




When we weren’t running, this is how we got around…




I’m so grateful for such amazing opportunities.

Next up, the annual Drumstick Dash in Indianapolis, IN for Thanksgiving with my family. Have I mentioned that my mom has trained up to 8 miles straight?  I suppose you can just say that it runs in the family. 😉


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